Monday, July 30, 2007

The Golf Beginner Guide Review

Just starting to learn the game of golf? Here is my review on a recently released ebook that says it can teach you everything you ever wanted to know about the game.

The Golf Beginner Guide is a 272 page Golfing Guide, a digital product that shows beginners golf tips & how to get started right away.

This publication comes as a downloadable Ebook in pdf format that is 272 pages long. The content is written around the basics, advanced tips and techniques which will build new golfer confidence.

This Ebook was written by Frank J. Peter and several other qualified professionals who claim their publication to be the most comprehensive "Golf Guide" available for beginners.

They promise no fluff & no hype, just facts and knowledge for less than the price of one golf lesson from a qualified teacher.

Also included is more than $200 in free stuff which includes 7 Bonus e-books and reports with lifetime updates to the Golf Beginner Guide

Other Claimed Benefits:

1. Improve your physical and mental golfing skills as well as your general knowledge about golf.

2. Improve your game and learn the right way from the beginning. 272 pages of information has been assembled to teach you golf from the ground up.

3. Solid information that will improve your physical and mental golfing skills as well as your general knowledge about golf.

4. An 8 week Satisfaction Guarantee.

5. A-Z on the rules, facts, strategies and techniques on golf.

6. The author also claims that all your questions will be answered to avoid embarrassment if you're just starting out including:

a. Which equipment to choose.

b. How to pick the right instructor.

c. How to save money in the beginning.

Down to "why do golf balls have dimples?"

To Summarize the Golf Beginner Guide

* This Ebook can be instantly downloaded.

* Comes with an 8 week Money Back Guarantee.

* 7 bonuses worth over $200.

* Lifetime updates and Secure Ordering.

The purchase price is $29.50 US, good value for a 272 page book.

Other positive factors are the many benefits, no risk to purchase, glowing customer testimonials & full contact information directly to the author/publisher.

Starting to learn the game of golf requires an initial cost in equipment and green fees so a good quality ebook is a great place to start. The information value in this publication far outweighs the cost so I am giving the Golf Beginner Guide a definite "Two Thumbs Up" Rating.

This review was written by John Whelan
freelance writer and golf enthusiast....


Frank J. Peter ( said...

Hi John,
thanks for bringing this to my attention. I just bought the book, and it's really as you say - good value for money. It cleared up a lot of questions I had about hitting the ball correctly, stance and so on. Nice find, thank you!

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